12 September 2017


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11 September 2017


Image result for breathe word

Assalamualaikum and hi there! It has been quite a long time since I didn’t update my blog, right? Sorry. Well, I didn’t know why but I’m just getting lazy to write up on my blog nowadays. So much. Somehow I want to write something up on my blog, but… yeah. It was like, no determination, no spirit. I guess you can say that. Not sure if that was the correct word to use though. But now, I'm trying to make my blog more updated. Maybe at least once a week. Okay la tu kan.. hehe.

So anyway, today I just want to share with you guys a book/novel that was really interesting. A must-read novel. If not, how can this novel became one of the bestseller novel, right? And I guess who knew Dr Beni and read his book, they may find this novel was intriguing and has a very nice story. Let’s begin here!

The title of this book is ‘BREATHE’, written by Dr Beni Rusani, a cardiologist at National Heart Institute, or so called IJN (Institut Jantung Negara). He was pretty famous on social media especially Twitter, I guess. You can say like, he was on the same level like Dr Khairul Hafidz. Well, if you know him too la. No, no. Not same level, I mean. Its like, erm… yeah, in one organization. One scope of field. Something like that. If you know, there is this thing in twitter called MedTweetMy which the members consist of doctors from various fields such as cardiology itself, general med, dermatology, veterinary, neurosurgery and much more. They tweet something that related to health with their knowledge of various specialist, in hope to spread something benefits to the people (ayat macam tunggang langgang hahaha).

Alright. The title would bring you to its content. And so the language. Though it was written by a Malaysian doctor, and definitely can speak Malay, but his Breathe novel was totally in English. Well, maybe you can standby a dictionary beside you when reading this. Just kidding. The words that he used were not that difficult to understand, but maybe a certain words (or maybe it just me? But of course I’m not using dictionary. Hello… Just get through it). Because I’m not someone who really good in English (though I’m writing in English right now. There must be broken grammar somewhere I guess. Don’t mind me huhu). And maybe that’s the reason why I’m writing this entry in English. Haha.

And yeah, hopefully you are fully ready to read it since it more like a… science novel? Kind of. Those who studied in science path you might know those science words. And of course I’m not trying to say that those who did not pursue their study in science path could not understand this, but those who are maybe can understand much better. Like me, somehow I feel like I can relate certain things to my course. Ahh, don’t mind me. It’s like, I’m discouraging you not to read this. In fact, it is the opposite.

Okay, to the points of why I recommend you guys to read this novel. This is not a novel only about breathe, but there’s more to it. Career, love, friendship, health (definitely la kan). Oh, and maybe the life of a doctor. Those who are dreaming to become a doctor, maybe you should read this. Maybe you can get some pictures about it. And maybe, you can get much motivated later. Maybe. Hehe.

Here a simple synopsis from ‘Breathe’ novel. (It’s on the back of this book though)

‘Dr Adam is a cardiologist who knows how to help others. The only thing he can’t fix is himself. When a heart attack threatens his life, Adam is given a chance to look at his past to rediscover the friendship and the love he lost. In his darkest hours, friends and strangers are racing against time to save him. Yet, the key to his survival and future might lie in his past.

All Adam wants is a second chance. And, time is running out.’

The characters itself also make the story feels so alive. Like, kind of a true story. Oh, is it you Dr Beni, in the story as Dr Adam? I feels so. Oh and one of the character that made this novel looks alive is, Mad Doc. One of the famous doctor or character in the novel. Haha. It is his nickname that the doctors or people in the hospital called him. If you want to know why, well I guess you should buy and read it. Hehe.

So I guess you guys get some pictures about what this novel is all about. It is really a good book to read, while having some coffee or hot chocolate maybe. No doubt about it. Pretty nice time to fill out your leisure time J

Reading with a hot chocolate on your hand? Nice catch!

So I guess, that’s all. It just like a little bit intro about this novel. Encouragement, recommendation to read this novel. Since this novel was the bestseller book, you should grab it whenever you passed through a bookstore and see this novel. It sold out quite fast, I think. It was two books left when I bought this novel after a quite long finding. I’m just lucky that I got it this time and able to finish it. Wuhuu ! Feels good. So you should too! Grab ‘Breathe’ one and read it up while having hot chocolate in front of the sunny beach. Hey, just get some nice place to read it okay? Have a great day then !

Don't forget to breathe!

~ 😎 ~

13 June 2017

Giveaway Annivesary Dan Duit Raya By Cik Ash

Hai dan salam ramadhan gaiss ! Allahu... lamanya sis tak jejak blog ni. Eh, update maksud sis. Singgah tu adalah, tengok engok gitu je. Busy ya amattt nak hujung hujung sem ni. Ni kesempatan yang ada nak join ler ga.. Nak raya kan, mana tahu menang sempena bulan ramadhan yang mulai ni hehe. Jom join pada sesiapa yang belum join tu ^^

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Haa, dah tahu hadiah mesti nak tahu caranya pulak kan? Kalau nak tahu, boleh la klik banner tu and join okay? Semoga berjaya! 😎

9 May 2017

Book Review: Arkitek Jalanan

Hai gaiss and selamat malam ! Haa so today tajuknya bagi aku agak menarik and pretty exciting! For me hehe. Entry kali ni aku nak buat satu buku review iaitu buku yang popular and laris semasa PBAKL2017, 'ARKITEK JALANAN'. Ermm, tapi sebelum aku review apa yang aku dah baca ni, aku rasa macam nak cerita sikit la macam mana gighnya aku nak beli buku teme yang kedua ni. Takde la gigih mana, sikit je haha.

Alkisahnya, PBAKL 2017 bermula 28 April-7 Mei 2017. Dan cuti midsem aku pun start EXACTLY at the same date. Nice! So, jumaat tu nak balik kampung la kan, but bila memang dari awal aku tahu Teme ni nak releasekan buku kedua dia kat pbakl, aku merancang la dengan sebaiknya untuk pergi ke pbakl tu. Tapi takdela nak beli buku teme satu satunya kan, apapun arkitek jalanan on my first list to buy. Well, kita ni hanya mampu merancang dan Allah jualah sebaik-baik perancang. Since my last class habis at noon, so I predicted around 3-4 sampai kl. Dari Puncak Alam tauu haa.. So, there's something happened and sampai lambat sikit. Takde la lambat sangat but around 5-6 jugaklah. Sampai je pwtc tu terus solat dulu la kan. Oh, I went there with my sister yang study kat kl. 

After solat, memang niat di hati tu nak serbu terus la booth iman publications. Haa, klau nak tahu aku siap catat kat mana publisher buku ni, so that masa sampai tu takde la baru nak tercari kat dewan mana la aras berapa la. Kan? At first, tak jumpa booth tu but then tengok-tengok dia dah pindah dewan. Maybe ada update but aku tak perasan huhu. Rupanya berpindah under satu booth iaitu Hijrah Indie which dalam tu ada a few of other publishers as well macam tarbiah sentap, hilal ashraf, iman shoppe and apa lagi tak ingat hehe. Sampai je booth hijrah indie, memang aku straight menuju ke rak yang adanya terpamer buku arkitek jalanan. At first, kononnya try la searching kat buku tu if ada kad teme tu hihi. Ada jugak sorang akak (kot) yang tegur, katanya dari pagi kot dia datang tengok tapi takde pun kad teme tu. Dia tu kalau tak silap aku is one of the person yang jaga booth jugak, tapi bukan booth hijrah indie la, booth lain. Dia pun mencari jugak tuu 👀

But then, tetiba akak yang jaga booth HI tu tegur bila nampak kami ni macam duk selak selak buku teme tu hahaha. Katanya, "cari kad tu ke?" hahahaha. Yes kak, yes. Pastu rupanya dia kata buku yang ada kad teme tu kalau nak cari buku yang dalam plastik. So of course la TAKDE KAT SITU. Akak booth tu kata pagi-pagi lagi orang serbu ambil buku arkitek jalanan tu, yang 25 buku berplastik tu habis semua dah disapu. Quite dissapointed jugak la. Ingat kalau ada tu cadang jugak nak beli buku Mato sekali, yang World tu. Hehe. So I was like, 'nak beli ke tak nak? nak beli ke tak nak?' I don't know whether I should buy or not. I want that handwritten card from Teme. That card was like, symbolized the sincerity of teme. Kind of. (cehh). So..... end up that day I didn't buy that book. Yeah, I didn't.

BUT! Haaa, I decided to come back to the pwtc on the next day to buy arkitek jalanan. Motif?? Supposedly, perancangannya kalau sempat malam tu jugak nak balik melaka. So bila tak beli, aku datang keesokan harinya (I'm staying at my sis's place) since akak tu pun kata datang esok nanti ada yang the new one with plastik la kan. Tak fikir panjang so sabtu tu aku datang balik and straight to the HI booth. Of course dengan harapan ada la buku yang berplastik tu.. Unfortunately, there was NO SIGN OF THEM. Bila fikir balik, mestilah tunggu stok yang ada habis then restock yang baru yang ADA kad teme tu. So then, disebabkan tengahari tu nak balik melaka, I decided to just bought the Arkitek Jalanan. Supposedly nak beli combo with World by Mato, but I put it back hahahaha 😂 Sorry mato hehe. Sebab kononnya nak jimat duit yang dah perabih beli buku buku lain jugak, and also 'kononnya' nak beli buku world tu dari matoachates yang dengan harapan dapat la quote with sign of mato sekali hahaha. That what I was thinking, at that time. So LOL. Tapi few days after aku datang, mato datang pbakl and signed his books (anonymously of course). Hmmm... (Later I will buy it okay mato)

Apapun, I still bought Arkitek Jalanan sebab memang tujuan utama datang pbakl ni nak beli buku teme ni. Plus pulak, tengok orang duk grab aje buku arkitek jalanan ni kat rak tu, takut nanti habis pulak hehe.. Time beratur pun aku rasa macam every single person yang beratur nak bayar tu ada ambil buku arkitek jalanan. SO IMPRESSIVE! 

So here, I will start the journey of this book review 😎

Alhamdulillah, I got one of the first printing ! (yelaa beli second day kann hihi)


Untuk pengetahuan semua, yang tahu atau belum tahu, buku Arkitek Jalanan ni adalah buku kedua karya Teme Abdullah, selepas karya pertamanya iaitu Pelukis Jalanan yang mendapat sambutan hangat daripada para pembaca yang ulat buku mahupun tidak (I'd done the review of Pelukis Jalanan in my previous entry. You can check it out later 😊). Buku ni berbentuk penceritaan. So takkan boring la! AJ ini agak tebal sikit kalau nak banding dengan PJ. Buku keduanya ini boleh dikatakan sebagai kesinambungan daripada buku pertamanya. So, kalau belum dapatkan yang pertama, please grab the first one okay?! Grab dua-dua terus pun lagi bagus. hehe.

It tooks me days nak baca buku ni hahaa. Not because of the thickness or the book might be boring ke apa ke. But, entah la. Maybe one of the reason is aku quite busy sikit (cehh) though cuti kat rumah. Nama je cuti but still got assignments and reports to be done. So, alhamdulillah dah habis baca and it was sooo good. For me, buku ni banyak menceritakan ups and downs of one life yang sometimes it happened to us. Terkadang tu, fefeeling jugak jadi teme and ahmad bila baca buku tu hahaha. But, I really really iship the friendship between Teme and Ahmad. They got each other and I'm envy with them. Not only that, banyak benda or words yang gives motivation and realization. And memang ada part yang bila aku baca, memang kena pulak dengan mood or perasaan aku time tu. So, somehow it made me realized something there. 

Even the part of wanting to give up on study, aku pun pernah la macam terlintas sikit benda tu. But yeah, I shouldn't, right? Anyway, this book is good to give motivation to all people, tak kisah la tua ke muda ke. Bukan je motivation in study, but in whole life actually. And also realization about Islam. So this book bukan buku saja saja tapi ada banyak manfaat dan motivasi yang membina. Aku ni bukanlah jenis yang kekadang tu senang influence dengan any kind of motivation and konon be motivated with those thing yang buat aku terus nak buat something. I'm not that kind of person. Sometimes, bagi la motivasi apa pun, gitu je la aku haha. Haa tapi buku ni though mungkin tak la 100% buat aku motivated (since I'm not that kind of person kann), still it gave me a glimpse of change in my heart. And I'll try to change myself, just pray for me la hehe. Anyway, aku siap mark lagi tau ayat yang giving motivation gitu ! Tak caya, ni ha meh tengok meh.


So I guess, there's nothing more I can comment unless the book is just 👍😍 Awesome! Btw, why I think that in this book teme ni banyak membebel eh? Hahaha hope no offense ye teme ^^ But I'm fine with that. Okay tak nak la cakap lebih lebih nanti jadi spoiler pulak kan pada yang belum baca tu hehe. Haa, jadi sesiapa yang belum dapatkan buku Pelukis Jalanan dan Arkitek Jalanan, silalah berbuat demikian okay? hihi.

I only buy this one, Teme's. Please be proud ye teme haha.

Done my book review! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it though it so many wordings here huhu. Sorry for the loonggg story. Don't forget to buy and read these books okay?! Thank you for reading my entry 😉


3 May 2017

Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) 2017

Hi my readers! Rasa macam dah ages aku tak datang meng'update' blog ni huhu. Well yeah, of course I'm a bit miss my blog. Cehh. Sorry, I'm a bit busy lately ni. So much assignments la, presentation la, test nya lagi. Fuhh. Ni dapat la juga sentuh since sekarang ni pun tengah cuti midsem seminggu. But, my cuti bukan sebarang cuti tapi cuti sambil bekerja. I mean, still have assignment and reports to do. Okay, so tak nak bebel je banyak. Haa entry kali ni aku nak cakap pasal Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) 2017. Siapa pergi, angkat tangan?! Yeayy, sep sikit ! Aku pun pergi tapi aku pergi awal awal sikit. First day and second day.

Here I am gaiss. PWTC :)

Sampai malam kot aku pergi huhu. #firstday (see the pena & picagari book there?hihi)

So, yang pergi tu how's your feeling going to the pbakl? Exciting kan? I'm pretty much excited going there. Haa, aku pergi sana ada target tauu. Ada buku buku yang aku dah aim awal awal lagii. Nak tau tak hehe. Here, my wislist nak beli before going to the pbakl lagi aku dah listkan apa yang aku nak beli, So like, at least kalau sampai pwtc tu takde la time tu baru tercengang nak fikir nak beli buku apa, publisher apa, kat mana la kan.

📚 Arkitek Jalanan by Teme Abdullah (wajib gaisss!)
📚 World by Mato
📚 Kerna Syurga Bukan Percuma (KSBP) 2 by Najmi Fetih
📚 Pena dan Picagari by Dr Khairul Hafidz
📚 Perang Melawan Mitos by Dr Khairul Hafidz & Dr Liyana
📚 Imaginasi by Ramlee Awang Murshid

Haa, ini before pergi pbakl. Bila dah sampai tu.. ada la yang sampai hajatnya membeli dan ada jugak yang tak terbeli huhu. So kalau nak ikutkan almost semua aku beli kecuali World, KSBP 2 dan Perang Melawan Mitos. Yang world tu memang asalnya aku ambil, sekali dengan arkitek jalanan which is, for both books adalah RM50. But then, aku letak balik sebab fikir fikir balik I thought of wanting to buy it from matoachates with the hopes of getting sign from him. Hahaha. And also macam nak save sikit duit cehh. But then urghh.. The days after aku datang tu, baru la Mato muncul kat pbakl and signed a few books for the readers. Of course la he didn't showed himself exactly to the crowd (since he's anonymous) but he said that he was there, on twitter. Siap snap picture lagi, menunjukkan dia ada kat sana. And yeah, so I was like...😐 Quite dissapointed, didn't get the book and sign. Tak dapat nak kenal mato cane hahahaha.. Btw, sorry mato sebab letak balik buku world tu 😂 Nanti aku beli balik ye hihi

Sebenarnya ada cerita di sebalik aku pergi first and second day ni. Aku pergi first day sebab hari jumaat tu habis kelas, boleh balik for cuti midsem. So alang-alang nak balik tu, singgah la pbakl kejap nak beli buku yang aku nak beli tu. Aku tidur rumah kakak aku kat kl, senang la sikit kan. Esoknya tu baru balik melaka. That's why la aku pergi awal awal pbakl ni since sekali turun melaka, takdenya dah nak naik balik pergi kl. Dah la kena naik bas, bukannya train ke yang boleh straight away ke sana kann.. Yang second day tu, tak plan pun sebenarnya hahaha. Serius. You know why I go back there for the second day?? IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF ARKITEK JALANANNNN!! Its not because of habis stock or what.

Here, Arkitek Jalanan yang laku gilaaaaa

Let me tell you pasal hebatnya penangan buku Arkitek Jalanan ni. For those yang maybe tak tahu, Arkitek Jalanan ni boleh dikatakan kesinambungan daripada buku Pelukis Jalanan, oleh penulisnya Teme Abdullah. Buku ni agak tebal sikit la daripada pelukis jalanan. Aku pernah tulis review pasal buku pelukis jalanan tu. Buku ni memang buku baru tau and released date dia memang the very first day of pbakl. After pbakl baru akan dijual online, kat kedai buku and so on la. Oh by the way, kalau ada yang tak tahu tu, penulis buku ni, Teme ada selitkan note/kad dekat dalam buku tu and to know which one yang ada kad tu is the one yang ada berbalut plastik. Orang yang booth tu la cakap kan. Okay, so one of the reason kenapa aku berpatah balik sabtu tu adalah sebab aku nak DAPAT KAD TEME ! Hihihi. Kononnya, hari jumaat tu hold dulu la and hari sabtu datang balik untuk beli, dengan harapan ada la buku yang ada kad teme tuu. But then aku datang and there was still NO BOOKS WITH THE CARD. Aku agak dissapointed jugak laa tak dapat kad teme huhu.

BUT the thing is, kalau tengok kat twitter tu perghh. Buku Arkitek Jalanan tu macam pisang goreng panas ! Cepat gila habisss ! Yeah, one of the reason jugak is sebab diorang nak jugak kad teme tu haha. Orang datang semua grab grab grab arkitek jalanan tu. Sampai rasanya berkali-kali jugak dia restock kott. Since first day lagi dah kena restock. Haaa hebat tak hebat penangan buku teme ni. I guess i can say that, orang yang dok beratur bayar tu pun semua mostly grab buku arkitek jalanan. Ada jugak yang bukan satu je dia grab, berganda ganda dia grab. Serius wehh tak tipuuuu... Tak caya cuba tengok la kat twitter ke insta. Selalunya twitter la. Boleh search for arkitek jalanan, teme abdullah, iman publications atau hijrah indie. Sampaikan hari apa entah dia restock terus sampai 2000 huhuu. Arkitek Jalanan is my very first wishlist to buy 😍

Okay so then aku REDHA jelaaa tak dapat kad teme tu. So beli la jugak. Dengan buku world, asalnya yang dah siap pegang dah time beratur nak bayar tu but aku letak balik haha. And plus dengan buku Penjara by Najmi Fetih. Haaa buku ni memang takde dalam list aku kann hahahaa. So memandangkan rupanya KSBP 2 tu released date dia adalah 3 mei which is today, takde la aku beli. Jadinya its like, pengganti la ksbp 2 tuu. No worries, I'm pretty sure this one pun best. Though I was waiting for ksbp 2 very much. Oh buku ksbp yang pertama pun aku pernah tulis review. So yang ada angan nak beli tapi tak tahu best ke tak, cerita benda apa buku tu, boleh la scroll balik entry aku tu hehe. Yang ksbp 2 ni, masih dalam pertimbangan nak beli ke tak haha. I mean, dalam masa terdekat ni la, kat pbakl tu. Sebab aku rasa aku dah banyak habis duit beli buku kat pbakl ni. Debit kad siswa tu pun rasanya almost habis aku sapu hahahaaha.

Novel imaginasi memang dah lama aku nak beli tapi tunggu masa je. Ni dah dapat kad siswa, apa lagi kan hihi. Okay then, Pena & Picagari oleh Dr Khairul Hafidz. Haa, maybe ada yang kenal dan ada yang tak. Dr ni famous la kat twitter. Dia ni founder of #MedTweetMy. So dalam medtweet ni ada la doktor doktor lain, yang not only satu major je, but its diverse. Even dr kulit and cardiac pun ada. Like Dr Beni Rusani, doktor cardiac. He's quite famous jugak ni. Dr Beni pun ada buku dia which is, novel Breathe. Rasa macam sayanggg aku tak perasan pasal buku ni kalau tak aku dah beli dah huhu. Dah la pulak tu, dia ada datang kott masa hari sabtu tu.. Haihh terlepas lagi hmm.

Eh, tadi cakap pasal Dr Khairul Hafidz tetiba Dr Beni pulak naik hahaha. Okay so, buku pena & picagari. Buku ni sebenarnya dah keluar tahun lepas, tapi ni la baru berkesempatan nak beli dan berduit kahkah. Best, aku dah baca sikit and its very good. Its like, you get knowledge about health kott.. Doktor kann.. Ada humor pulak tu. Lepas tu, buku Perang Melawan Mitos. Buku ni pun baru released kat pbakl. I was going to buy, but tak jumpa pulak. And sebab nak save duit (lol), so tak beli pun. Dah dapat P&P so kira okay laa.

Tadi aku cakap buku ksbp 2 tu aku gantikan dengan penjara kan.. Haa, ingat buku World by Mato tu takde ganti ke??! Haahaha mesti la ada walaupun its not my plan at all. SERIUS. So, aku ganti la buku world tu dengan 13 Reasons Why. Hahaahaha lain kannn. Tetiba inggeris pulak tu kann. Buku tu pun tetiba je macam pop up in my head so end up beli jelaa huhu. Kat pbakl la mostly semua buku harga murah sikit dari harga asal, ada diskaun. So, thats all la yang aku beli. Ada tambahan sikit yang lain tapi tu akak aku punya la. Kira tak masuk la tu. So, here the books yang aku beli.

So ni semua buku yang aku beli kat PBAKL2017. Campur kakak aku and aku punya sekali.

Okay, so itu sahaja la daripada aku untuk entri kali ni. Hopefully ada hikmah tak dapat kad teme haha. And hopefully after this if teme giving something to his followers/supporters, harapnya dapat laa. Dulu pun tak dapat, la ni pun tak dapat, harapnya next dapat la huhu. So, here I attached some of the pics that I took at pbakl. And... Have fun! Yang belum pergi tu, jangan lupa tauu. Pergi booth hijrah indie and look how crowded it is haha kbai. Anyway, enjoy your day ! 😎

First day, datang datang je dah nampak Randy Pangalila there. Tengah sign buku dia yang orang beli. Since aku tak beli, so sis tengok dari jauh je laa. Hensem pulok tengok hihi
Haa, ni Aloy Paradoks. Kakak aku yang perasan dia ada kat situ and ajak bergambar sekali dengan dia. So yeah, I just join je laa. At first bila my sister sebut nama tu, aku tak kenal pun. But bila nampak muka baru cam la.

These were the books that I bought on the first day. Imaginasi dan P&P tu je aku punya. Lagi dua tu kakak aku punya. Dia pun nak menumpang.. Hmm....
Nampak pulak Ustaz Kazim on #secondday. Ni kat booth utusan (since my sis pernah kerja kejap kat utusan so, yeahh.)

Dapek la jugok bergambar dengan Ustaz Kazim ni hehe. Nak beli buku ustaz, duit dah perabih dulu beli buku yang lain kihkih.
Haaa, ini barulah the finalist buku-buku yang aku beli kat pbakl.
p/s: Insyaallah, jika diberi masa dan kesempatan, aku akan buat buku review once aku dah habis baca buku buku yang aku beli ni. Tapi tiga baris atas tu kira aku memang recommend la untuk beli. Its very good hehe 👍😊

29 March 2017

MLT's Study Story: Capillary Puncture

Hai gais ! Haa tengok tajuk macam gempak kan.. Cehh. By the way, entry kali ni aku nak cerita sikit pasal perkembangan study aku ecewahh. I mean, nak share la apa yang aku belajar dalam course aku ni. Manalah tahu kan ada adik adik yang lepas spm ke lepas diploma ke nak ambil course ni. Kalau sesiapa yang tak tahu lagi, aku tengah ambil degree of Medical Laboratory Technology. Haa siapa yang ambil tu mesti tahu betapa 'seronoknyaa' course ni huhu. It's not sarcastic okay. I guess hihi.

Okay so, this is one of the subject yang aku belajar sem ni which is Phlebotomy. Before that, mesti nak tahu kan apa benda phlebotomy ni. So what is phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood to be use in the diagnosis tests and also other tests. Though I guess this is good and one of the best subject but, to be honest aku ni jenis yang... well you can say aku ni jenis yang tak berapa suka jarum cucuk cucuk ni huhu. Afraid of needles. I guess haha. But, I have to try to push myself to overcome my fear ni. Seram tu seram la jugak, but kena la kan. But, for now okay la kan sebab yang ni just capillary puncture je. Just guna lancet, yang macam korang pernah tengok doktor ke or anyone yang bertauliah tu guna this tool untuk check darah for glucose ke, apa-apa la kan. Macam pen berjarum gituu..

Capillary puncture ni ada dua places yang commonly used untuk ambil darah. First kat finger which is either middle or ring finger. Then second kat heel. Tumit kaki. Selalunya kalau ambil kat tumit ni untuk infants, baby macam tu la. Since they are too small and their fingers pun small, so we take on heels. Besides, takut kalau kat finger nanti kena bone, maybe.. Its not that kat tumi tu takde bone, but... yeah. Takpela nanti cari dan bacalah sendiri eh huhu. Okay la, cakap je lebih. Nah kita bagi gambaran sikit 💉

So this is di mana we are preparing to do the puncture..

Eh waittt! Meh sini nak bagitahu apa benda yang kita guna nak buat capillary puncture ni. Saja je nak bagitahu. Sebagai ilmu tambahan hehe. So this are the list yang kita selalu guna la untuk capillary puncture:

- gloves (ni penting nih! its a tool of protection from getting any infection especially from the blood we take though its our friends' or families' blood. we regard them as blood-borne pathogen. okay maybe you dont understand it right hahaha okay ignore it)
- labcoat (self protection jugak. and also clothes protection huhu)
- lancet (pen jarum. tengok bawah tu aku dah tolong search untuk korang kalau ada yang tak tahu la hehe)
- capillary tube
- collection vials
- plastic pipette/micropipette (since we were doing blood grouping, so we use this to transfer the blood)
- blood grouping reagents
- cotton wool
- tooth prick
- alcohol swab
- blood grouping board

Hmm itu je kot.. Okay now sambung balik hehe.

Image result for lancet
haaa ni la lancet

We were going to puncture your finger !

Oh man I'm bleeding! haha. Finally, my blood was coming out ! Muahahahaha... Im not shivering but my hand was a bit cold and the blood came out quite a little. So they massaged my finger a little harder(i mean, urut kuat sikit jaa) to push the blood out of my skin. My finger felt cold(i guess because there were aircond?) and the blood want to clot the puncture quickly huhu. So dapat la jugak darah I sikit sikit.

So we golek gelek sikit board tu nak bagi blood and reagent tu mix and to see clearly which one coagulate.

So, guess time! Kalau macam ni, apa agaknya result blood group darah ni ek? Kalau nak tahu, since yang coagulate tu adalah anti-b, so thats means dari segi biology-nya dekat red blood cell kita ada antigen b. And itu pulak bermaksud, darah tersebut adalah darah B. Then kena tahu either positive or negative. So kita guna anti-d, which is rhesus. kat situ resultnya coagulate kan, so its Positive. Jadinya, darah atas tu adalah? Yes, B positive. In other condition, kalau darah A, anti-A yang akan coagulate. Kalau darah AB, both anti A & B akan coagulate. Kalau darah O pulak, tak ada yang coagulate and semua mix well. Gitu dehh kalau nak tahu. Simple kan? And well, yeah. This is the first time I'm trying those things and knew my blood group. Before this aku selalu elak and let other volunteer themselves kalau dalam kelas dulu ada kena ambil darah nak check blood group. Hahaha.

Nice right ?!!

Okay, that's all from us, the future phlebotomist. Muahahaaha. Thank you guys for reading! For more info about capillary puncture or my course, medical lab technology, please have a pleasure to spend your time asking mr google. hihihi. Nak tanya I pun boleh jee. Yang mana mampu I jawab la. By the way, this week dah belajar pasal venipuncture(hat ni ambil darah kat lengan yang sado tuu) tapi we didn't got time to practice that. Practice on dami tauu, patung jee. So itu saja for today. Thank you ! 💖💖


23 March 2017

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Hai gais ! Rasa macam lama je tak join ga. Well, lately ni kan bila dah naik sem 2 ni makin busy la nampaknyaa. Kerja assignment lab report semua bertimbun timbun. Ni pun ha tengah struggle nak siapkan assignment. Okay so jom siapa yang belum join tu meh la join! Hadiah menarik nih ! 😍

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Tamat: 1 April 2017

Ga ni berlangsung melalui dua cara tau. Either nak join melalui blog or twitter or maybe dua-dua sekali? hahaha. Yang bukan blogger pun boleh menang la kan rasanya? Hmm so... semua orang boleh menang ! Cehh dah macam tagline apa dah hahaha

Hopefully boleh la menang. I wish to have that watch tak kesah la mahal ke tak kan asal orang bagi hadiah hahaha. I need watch, walaupun dah ada satu kahkah. Oh lupa btw sebenarnya rii dah update sikit pasal ga ni so ada TAMBAHAN HADIAH WEHH ! Haa rugi tak join tauu... Okay cepat-cepat join sebelum tamat ga!

All the best everyone ! 🙌

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